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DENWUD is an ideal eco-friendly substitute for wood, plywood and MDF. It is a carpenter friendly product which can be cut with traditional tools. DENWUD offers a variety of PVC boards, WPC profiles, PVC Laminates and Denmax for your interiors, outdoor flooring, fencing and cladding. These boards are durable, eco-friendly and weather proof.

Features of DENWUD

  • DURA-Ability
    DENWUD Celuka PVC boards has the hardest PVC surface in the industry, so it resists dents, marks and scratches.
  • WORK-Ability
    Nail, glue, drill, router, cut and trim DENWUD PVC using regular tools.
  • YARD-Ability

    DENWUD arrives without damage at your job site, greatly reducing costly returns and minimizing waste.

  • SAND-Ability

    Cleaning up dirt spots and fingerprints left from installation in a snap.

  • PAINT-Ability

    Excellent paint adhesion to any 100% acrylic latex paint color.

Features of Denwud

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