DENWUD BOARDS are fireproof, waterproof & non-toxic boards. The unique DENWUD world class Celuka boards replaces wood and plywood for your interiors. Products made from PVC can be resistant to biodegradation and weather and are effective insulators. The physical properties of PVC can be tailored for a wide variety of applications. All DENWUD products, look, feel and work just like high-quality wood but are impervious to moisture and insects. DENWUD products won’t swell, rot, split or delaminate even under the harshest of conditions.


As the name indicates, DENWUD Premium is the premium quality boards from our gallery to satisfy the customers who looks at “Value for Money”. These are the best in the class, both in terms of strength and affordability. We again assure 100% guarantee on our DENWUD Premium boards for its durability and strength.

DENWUD Colour Boards

DENWUD Premium boards are ready-to-use and comes in 7 different glossy colour finishes (RED, GREY, CHOCOLATE, IVORY, ORANGE, BLACK & BLUE). Colour boards are well protected by protective film on both sides to avoid scratches while fitting.


DENWUD Classic is meant for projects where the costing has to be at its best and should satisfy the minimum quality parameters to be tension free and long lasting.